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Mistakes Every Beginner Music Producer Makes

Written on May 19, 2016   By   in Recording Studios

Producing music is in many ways the same as that of a DJ’s trajectory through the years, and it is rather simple. First, it is the learning of the technicalities, and then mastering these fundamentals. Thereafter, it is developing a sense of what music sounds good, and becoming great at selecting it, while developing a style of your own to bring variety into the industry. During this process though, as simple as it is, comes pitfalls which have the ability to slow down the progression of your career. Given below are a few mistakes that beginner produces make.

Less is more

Whenever producers start out, it is an inherent quality for them to always think that bombarding music with so many elements will magically make a song sound good. This isn’t necessarily the right thing to do. There is no need in bringing in all sorts of pieces of tech to make the tracks sound fresh while trying to add in more life and energy. In certain instances, it is true that some tech pieces make an incredible difference to tracks that it makes them sound good, but using extreme numbers of items will only make it difficult for you to control and handle.

Softer the better

All beginner producers are under the notion that the louder the track, the better it is going to be. This is nothing, but untrue. The louder the tracks are made, the more distorted it is going to be, while losing out on a whole lot of dynamics. This reduces the quality of the end product, which ultimately puts your hard work down the drain. One way to be able to work on this is going to music recording studios, and working on the tracks, tweaking it down so that it sounds perfect to the ears, without having to lose out on the quality of the final product. In this case the Underwood Studio can help you to produce a perfect sound.

The use of presets

Some producers feel as if though the use of presets is a way of cheating during the producing process, while others feel it is the only way to produce. You should not completely avoid it, nor should you use merely presets. There has to be a line drawn, and make sure that the line would not be crossed. You have to understand that there should be no shame in using presets to a certain extent. Mixing them together with some original tracks at music recording studios will only enhance the sounds, rather than dimming it down.

Techniques vs. final product

There is a vast difference between learning the techniques of music production, and learning how to make a product similar to something that you heard. According to professionals there is nothing wrong in trying to make tracks that are born out of styles that you adore of different artists, but what this does is teaches you one aspect of producing, rather than providing you with a foundation to build on. therefore what you have to do is take time to learn about key concepts and techniques, while building on them to get towards the end result.

In any profession, as you start out there are going to be things that you don’t know, and certain mistakes that you make. Hopefully reading this article will help, in avoiding the pitfalls, while making your producing dreams a success.