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Mistakes Every Beginner Music Producer Makes

Written on May 19, 2016   By   in Recording Studios

Producing music is in many ways the same as that of a DJ’s trajectory through the years, and it is rather simple. First, it is the learning of the technicalities, and then mastering these fundamentals. Thereafter, it is developing a sense of what music sounds good, and becoming great at selecting it, while developing a style of your own to bring variety into the industry. During this process though, as simple as it is, comes pitfalls which have the ability to slow down the progression of your career. Given below are a few mistakes that beginner produces make.

Less is more

Whenever producers start out, it is an inherent quality for them to always think that bombarding music with so many elements will magically make a song sound good. This isn’t necessarily the right thing to do. There is no need in bringing in all sorts of pieces of tech to make the tracks sound fresh while trying to add in more life and energy. In certain instances, it is true that some tech pieces make an incredible difference to tracks that it makes them sound good, but using extreme numbers of items will only make it difficult for you to control and handle.

Softer the better

All beginner producers are under the notion that the louder the track, the better it is going to be. This is nothing, but untrue. The louder the tracks are made, the more distorted it is going to be, while losing out on a whole lot of dynamics. This reduces the quality of the end product, which ultimately puts your hard work down the drain. One way to be able to work on this is going to music recording studios, and working on the tracks, tweaking it down so that it sounds perfect to the ears, without having to lose out on the quality of the final product. In this case the Underwood Studio can help you to produce a perfect sound.

The use of presets

Some producers feel as if though the use of presets is a way of cheating during the producing process, while others feel it is the only way to produce. You should not completely avoid it, nor should you use merely presets. There has to be a line drawn, and make sure that the line would not be crossed. You have to understand that there should be no shame in using presets to a certain extent. Mixing them together with some original tracks at music recording studios will only enhance the sounds, rather than dimming it down.

Techniques vs. final product

There is a vast difference between learning the techniques of music production, and learning how to make a product similar to something that you heard. According to professionals there is nothing wrong in trying to make tracks that are born out of styles that you adore of different artists, but what this does is teaches you one aspect of producing, rather than providing you with a foundation to build on. therefore what you have to do is take time to learn about key concepts and techniques, while building on them to get towards the end result.

In any profession, as you start out there are going to be things that you don’t know, and certain mistakes that you make. Hopefully reading this article will help, in avoiding the pitfalls, while making your producing dreams a success.

The Importance Of Photographs And Its History

Written on May 22, 2015   By   in Events

Photography is a Greek word, where “photo” means light and the meaning of graphein is “drawing or to draw”. It is a method by means of which images are captured on a sensitive material through radiation or light. The term was coined by Sir John. F.W. Herschell. It was in the year 1938 that photograph finally made it as a term. Homepage of the importance of photographs and it’s history.

The camera Obscura was the first camera to be invented and the images which it captured were inverted. Since then photography has come a very long way; from capturing important events to clicking pictures at memorable functions, it has become a must-have device. The journey of camera Obscura to the high-end megapixel cameras in our smart phones, photography has evolved through the years.goldyw

Photographs for fun
In the modern era, clicking pictures is no longer a big deal, you just have to take out your phone from your pocket, switch on the camera mode, pose and click. Also with so many people being equipped with high-end cameras, photography no longer has a novelty. However, one spruce can things up and twist it a bit with, an excellent Perth photo booth hire. It is a small enclosure, where 2-3 people can fit at a time, there is a camera over there and a screen where you can check your pose and just go click, click, click! It is a real fun way to be photographed as one can have as many as four pictures in a singular strip which is instantly developed. They are ideal for keepsakes and hold a number of memories.

The modern twist
Earlier a photographer used to be present at the photo booth to capture different poses and images, but in this digital era of selfies, things are quite different. First of all there are two types of photo booth, which are traditional and the open. 3-4 adults can fit into the enclosed booth, which contains an SLR camera and a live LCD screen for posing. One can go about clicking as many pictures to their heart’s content and the photos are available instantly. One can even opt for a booth attendant by paying slightly extra; however, being alone in the booth with your friends will not make you conscious and help you give natural poses in privacy.

Open booths
These are ideal for boat parties or open terrace parties. It can fit up to 6 persons, but can be customized for more or less people. The cameras installed in an open booth can click some of the most exquisite high definition images, with its 20 mega pixel HD lens. One may even choose black and white images, just for fun to get that retro feel into the pictures. The fact that such a booth can fit just about anywhere is a major advantage

How Booking Agents Work

Written on April 14, 2015   By   in Events

A band booking agent is a middle man and they work between the artists and the fans. They are responsible for helping artists land live gigs where they can be able to build a fan base. An artist or any band has responsibility to make music and play them, and thus do not have time to spend the whole day on phone trying to book the next gig or organize for a certain event. This is the reason why bands and musicians hire booking agents for the same function. The agents can also be referred to as talent agents because they help people and fans discover a certain talent and promote it. Therefore the agents work as both employment agents ad sales men. They work to find work for their clients by convincing and negotiating with club owners that the band will generate sales.


They have several roles and responsibilities, which are their functions. Every band no matter how famous they may be, they started somewhere, for them to be known they relied on an agent who organized and negotiated with organizers of the corporate event entertainment on their behalf. Booking agents therefore function to first reserve a concert date at a particular club or event and also negotiate for the fees or percentage of the sales after the event. They are involved in constant communications between various parties so as to book an event or a gig some time before it happens, like six months which is important for planning.

Bands and artists can be able to make their reputations during live shows. They will start as underdogs but will gradually be able to build a fan base and later get shows of their own. When the bands have established themselves, agents can work to try and assemble a regional or international concert tour which requires proper planning and careful scheduling so as to ensure affectivity with the band.

Apart from being associated with booking events and gigs, booking agents also look out for fresh talents on the market and try to promote them. This can be through getting information from people in the recording industry and also from the bands such as wedding bands about them. They have the mandate to promote young and upcoming artists. Therefore they should spend time listening to their music and trust their musical instinct and figure out which band or artist has the potential of making it.

Booking agents usually work as an independent individual or they can team up and work as a group or company for the talents. When working as talent agents, they will be assigned a certain location or region where they will be working and where they will be establishing possible events venues, then try to establish a relationship with the promoters of a particular region. A relationship will help whenever there emerges a concert as they can easily contact them. With most artists and bands, booking agents are associated as part of the artists team that may comprise managers and lawyers.